5 Tips for Business Branding through Website Design

Monday, February 17, 2014 12:00 AM

When you think about branding your business, where does the Internet figure in your plans? How integral is your website to your branding strategy? If you’re like most business owners in Edmonton, it doesn’t play a central role, although it should. In fact, with the right help in the area of website design, you can significantly benefit your branding efforts. What do you need to know? Read on to learn important tips for brand building via your Internet presence.

Your Website Design Should Be Consistent

The first and most important tip about using website design for branding via your website is to be consistent. Each page of your site should maintain the same look and feel. That applies whether your customer is browsing the pages of your online catalog or checking out your contact page. Your colors, logo design and placement, and everything else should maintain a consistent message from page to page.

Color Considerations For Your Website

Your website should be colorful, but those colors should tie in with those used in your physical business. You can use the colors in your logo, the colors in your business signage and more – the point is to keep your customers’ experience consistent from offline to online and back again, and using similar color combinations helps you achieve that.

Your Website's Voice

Your website’s voice is one of the most important elements in your branding efforts. You need to maintain the same tone of voice throughout all of your website content, but that tone should match your business’ culture and personality. For instance, if you operate a business that deals with high-end clients and sells luxury products, you probably don’t want to use a relaxed, casual, or abrasive tone. You want your content’s tone to match your company and your customers’ expectations.

Your Website's Culture

Your business has a unique culture, whether you run an Edmonton pet shop, a recycling company, or sell computers. Your brand relies on that culture, and it must come through in your website design. Working with a skilled web designer can help ensure that your company’s culture is integrated in all areas of your site design, from colors to graphics to logo design, font type and style, and more.

Your branding efforts can benefit greatly from professional website design. Whether you’re running a new startup or operating an established company, building a more successful business requires having the right website to back it up.

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