How Pinterest-ing! How Pinterest is Crucial for Your Social Media Profile

Thursday, July 16, 2015 3:00 PM

Quick - first thing that comes to mind when you think of Pinterest?

Personally, as a user, it's: DIY, recipes, fashion, home decor, female demographic.

To the closest coworker I could harass, a non user, it was pretty similar: food, crafts, young moms, middle aged women.

Your business should use Pinterest, even if it appeals to none of those buzzwords. Why? Because obviously your insurance firm should have a Pinterest page, right?! Actually, yes. And here are the non-obvious reasons why:

Pinterest is the mother of all referral traffic drivers. It's basically a smorgasbord of backlinks. It is the 2nd highest traffic referrer next to Facebook, and by pinning each new blog post you publish, for example, you add links back to your blog, which will lead to increased traffic. You can even include a website link in your pin's description, which can additionally contribute to improved search engine optimization for your website as Pinterest currently allows Google to follow those links.

The big question is, of course, how to make the 'Pinterest demographic' respond to your not-so-pinterest-y business. Let's use the insurance industry as a continued example, since it's probably the least obvious Pinterest-success-story sector.

American Family Insurance's Pinterest Board

1. Look at what big-name competitors are doing.

The big guys often serve as awesome inspiration for what you can do to amp up your social presence. They pay unheard of dollar amounts to gain widespread recognition online, so why not observe their tactics? Take, for example, American Family Insurance.

American Family Insurance's Pinterest page is closing in on 5k followers. For comparison sake, Roots Canada (a totally Pinterest-y lifestyle brand) has 6k. How they did it? By enticing people to follow them by posting popular content while integrating branded content. Look at their boards: Family Recipes, Dream Homes, and Gardening, alongside Protecting Your Home, Family Safety, and Small Business Coaching.

Even their more generic 'filler' boards get tied into their company values in each board's description. From their 'Places We Are' board: "We are a 19 state company, and each one of those states are unique all on their own accord. Our customers and agents enjoy all of the great beauty and wonder many of the states locations have to offer. Here we are sharing some of that with you".

The takeaway: if it has anything to do with your company, it's relevant on Pinterest.

2. Utilize the Pinterest Business Centre

The Pinterest Business Centre is just that, a resource created by Pinterest to showcase some of their most surprising success stories in the corporate branding world. Peruse their informative features such as brand guidelines, 'pin like a pro', analytics, and their blog section.

Tailor your Pinterest content to appeal to your ideal client.

3. What is your ideal client pinning?

Let's re-visit the insurance sector. By typing 'life insurance' into Pinterest's search bar, I'm given an endless scroll of user pins relating to the subject. By taking a look at non-corporate ones (aka, pinned by people, not companies) I can immediately see a few trends. When it comes to life insurance, people are pinning articles and blog posts such as: 'Life Insurance: What All Young People Need to Know', 'Life Insurance 101' (an infographic), and '9 Smart Ways to Save on Car Insurance'.

Create boards with your ideal client in mind. Provide answers to their questions, indulge their inspirations, and solve their problems. As we outlined above, create a mix of boards to entice customers to follow you: popular-content boards should still somewhat relate to your end product/brand, and more targeted boards should still be engaging to your customer. In other words, have a balance of your own content and the content of others. Showcase the lifestyle/beliefs/interests behind your brand, as well as your products, services, blog posts, events, designs/portfolio.

4. Have visually appealing Pins

Pinterest is a primarily visual social medium. When pinning your own content, the image you select is everything. For life insurance pins, highest re-pin and favourite action belonged to those with appealing, clean images with simple, bold text.

Once you've created a profile for your business, made a few boards, and pinned some original and re-pinned content, make sure to regularly monitor Google Analytics for new referral sources. Take note of keywords that people are searching for when they find you. Additionally, cross-link all of your social media accounts whenever possible, and make sure to implement 'Pin It' buttons on all blog posts and web content. Finally, make sure to regularly update your Pinterest account alongside your other social media accounts - thrice weekly is best to see maximum results.

Pinterest may be an unlikely tool for your business' SEO, but should be treated as an equal alongside Facebook and Twitter for maximum social and traffic impact. If you're totally unfamiliar with Pinterest, we recommend checking out this blogger's '26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business'. Happy pinning!

Bridget VanWart

Bridget VanWart

Bridget VanWart is Div1's newest addition, joining the team after graduating with a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of New Brunswick. When she's not serving as Div1's client liaison and administrative assistant, she can be found Instagramming pretty things she stumbles upon around the city.

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