Application development and SEO

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 9:21 AM

Although application development may seem like it is separate from search engine optimisation, apps can help boost a site's page rank, according to Web Marketing Experts.

Apps can help a website provide a useful service to mobile device owners while also helping to generate buzz for a company. For example, a January Piece of MIND(scape) article cited Angry Birds as an example of how an application can boost a website's page rank. The app itself provides entertainment value, which helps to create interested users. A good app makes users want to share it among friends, and those links have a direct impact on how search engines will view and rank the site associated with the app - in the case of Angry Birds, the website of game company Rovio.

"Cellphone app development is another popular way for online business owners to effectively promote their business without breaking the bank," according to Web Marketing Experts. "These apps turn anyone's cellphone into a promotional device. App development can be a way to promote services, sell products, create a stream of income or even act as a mini web browser for customers to access your business on the go."

In addition, whether a domain should turn to application development or focus on mobile web design is dependent on what services will be offered. According to a September 10 Search Engine Land article, a company that offers a resource that will be used a number of times is a good candidate for application development. For example, a bank's customers will appreciate a mobile-optimised website design, but they will be much better served, and therefore happier repeat visitors, by an app that allows for easy transactions.

When it comes to designing an application, Web Marketing Experts recommended that the app be suitable for both Apple and Android-powered mobile devices. In addition, professional web designers should to tie in the app with a web page's offerings. Not only should websites offer a link to an app, but social media profile pages should also promote the downloading of the application.

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