New applications dominating the market

Tuesday, December 18, 2012 6:05 PM

Each day, consumers use their mobile devices for a variety of reasons, including reading the newspaper or another news source. In order to better accommodate readers, publishing companies, news corporations and publications have developed mobile applications. According to PaidContent, a new survey from the Alliance for Audited Media found that 63 percent of respondents stated that “tablets are the most important digital channel for their publication’s future."

Although many consumers access their news on their smartphones, the study found publishers developing content for iPads more frequently. The source reported 87 percent of United States-based publications have apps for iPads, 85 percent of them have apps for iPhones and 75 percent have apps for Android-based phones. When building the applications, most magazine publishers are using native apps, while newspaper publishers haven't come to a definitive consensus.

"We must do both now, although we still deliver a better experience with native,” one newspaper publisher told the source. “Apple’s charging for subscriptions are a drawback and Amazon does not have acceptable economics for publishers."

Apps can save consumers money
Other applications that have gained popularity over the years are ones from deals websites. With the economy in its current state, most people are doing everything they can to save money. A survey released by the deals site discovered that 56 percent of consumers want deals "pushed" to their mobile devices. Norman Fong, CEO and co-founder of, said with the rise of price comparing in-store before buying products online, it's no surprise companies are using these types of notifications. The deals site recently debuted an app that includes a geo-location function based on user preferences to send them targeted deals, enabling consumers to save instantly.

"The survey found that 50 [percent] of shoppers plan to use coupons for up to 25 [percent] of their in-store shopping and 1/4 plan to use coupons for 25-50 [percent] of their in-store shopping," a press release stated. "The survey also revealed that 44 [percent] of consumers plan to use coupons for up to 25 [percent] of their online shopping and 1/5 plan to use coupons for 25-50 [percent]of their online shopping."

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