Popular application returns to Apple products

Thursday, December 13, 2012 6:41 PM

Apple fanatics across the globe celebrated on December 13 after Google announced its Maps app was returning to iPhone and other Apple devices. After the company released its newest iPhone 5 model, many consumers were outraged that the popular app didn't transfer over to Apple products. However, after much debate, Android and Apple agreed to allow access the app from both platforms. According to The Associated Press, Apple initially developed its own maps app after Google refused to enable consumers using the program on phones other than Android-based products, which proved to be "far inferior" to Google's application.

One of the main issues with Apple's mapping system was that it guided users to landmarks that didn't exist as well as led people in the completely wrong direction. After consumers announced their anger, Apple's CEO Tim Cook released a public announcement apologizing to those affected. Shortly after, he terminated the executive in charge of Apple's mobile operating system.

Benefits of Google's maps app for iOS
Google saved face by improving the Apple program. Although Daniel Graf, mobile director of Google Maps, is remaining mum on how he and his team went about accomplishing this task, he said they started the mobile design from scratch. Some of the new tools include turn-by-turn directions, which was one of the main features previously missing.

"Google's new iPhone mapping app also will offer its street-level photography of local neighborhoods for the first time on Apple's mobile operating system, as well as three-dimensional views, public transit directions and listings for more than 80 million businesses," The AP reported. "The iPhone app still lacks some of the mapping features available on Android-powered phones, such as directions in malls and other buildings."

Although the newest app is only available on iPhone and iPod touch devices as of now, the company announced on December 13 developers are working on an app for iPads. Graf told the Los Angeles Times they first released the app on smartphones because more people are likely to need to use it on their phones compared to their iPads. Google has taken so long developing an application for Apple products because, as Graf explained, it is more difficult to develop a map system than a standard one, as it is akin to "building a video game app."

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