Uniqueness key to quality corporate web design

Tuesday, September 04, 2012 3:51 PM

A graphic design element that works well for one company will not always be the best strategy for another to implement if a firm is seeking to distinguish itself, graphic design professional Kristal Young wrote in an August 8 article on MyMuskegonNow.com.

A good example of what to avoid can be found with regard to logo marketing, Young said. For example, just because one company has its logo put on a variety of objects does not mean that its competitor should embark on the same strategy. Instead, the competitor should try to employ a different design process to help differentiate it from other firms.

"A unique style testimonies a strong identity thereby a winning brand," graphic designer Sebastiano Guerriero wrote in a 2010 Wegraphics blog post. "When a client decides to hire a graphic designer, it already has an idea of the final result, because it choose to marry the graphic designer’s style to the product."

In order to properly identify its needs, a business should do thorough research and develop a comprehensive  strategy before contacting a graphic design company, Young said. Only once a business understands what it is hoping to gain from its advertising and marketing strategy can it know what it would require from its graphic web design.

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