Edmonton Graphic Design Professionals and Your Company’s Branding

Thursday, January 23, 2014 9:00 AM

You’ve heard a lot about “branding” but the subject might not be particularly clear. That’s understandable. There’s a great deal of confusion about it out there, particularly when it comes to branding in the online world. For those who aren’t all that familiar with it, you might think branding is really nothing more than the logo for your business, but it’s much, much more than that. Here’s how an Edmonton graphic design professional can help enhance your company’s online branding.

Tie in Your Physical Aesthetics

Your company has a logo, a name, and specific fonts and colors used in your storefront or other physical location. Chances are good that you put a lot of time and effort (not to mention money) into designing those elements. However, how much effort or time did you spend ensuring that your website, blog and social media platforms mirror that aesthetic? If you’re like most business owners, you might have added your company’s logo, but that’s about it. An Edmonton graphic design professional can ensure that all of your online outlets tie in with your brand.

Custom Create the Right Logo

If your business doesn’t have the right logo, or your logo simply doesn’t encapsulate everything it should, an Edmonton graphic design professional can recreate it for you. This is actually common with businesses as they grow, expand and change. What once worked well no longer works at all. The problem with a logo that does not capture the essence of a business is that it no longer works to cement that company in its customers’ minds, which misses the entire point of a logo.

Website Graphics

Is your website drab, dreary and boring? Liven it up a bit. An Edmonton graphic design professional can create virtually any type of graphics you need to make your website stand up and stand out. This is particularly important for businesses using WordPress themes. Even paid themes are commonplace, and you can’t really afford for your customers to think that you’re mimicking another company’s style. Make your website your own with a talented professional graphic designer.

With the help of a talented graphic designer, you can create anything. You can design a logo, re-theme your website, or ensure that your entire online presence mirrors your offline brand perfectly. The key is to partner with the right Edmonton graphic design professional.

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