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Optimize Your Website's Images Like a Pro

There are several paths you can take to speed up your image load times while keeping your images aesthetically pleasing.


With the ongoing popularity of large images on websites (whether it's a hero image on a home page or a series of high-resolution product photos in an online store) and an increasingly mobile web, image optimization has never been more important. Thankfully, there are several paths you can take to sp...

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Weapon of Choice: Selecting The Right Type of Developer for Your Next Web Project

Whether you're ready to execute on that app idea you've been mapping out for months, eager to launch a new website for your start-up, or your existing company website needs a facelift, choosing a developer for your project can be daunting.


Whether you've ready to execute on that brilliant app idea you've been mapping out for months, eager to launch a new website for your budding start-up, or have decided that your existing company website needs a visual and functional facelift, choosing a developer for your project can be daunting. To...

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DI-Why a pro should build your website

Avoiding the possibility of potential clients and collaborators debating the legitimacy of your business is exactly why you shouldn't attempt DIY web design or development.


Do It Yourself-ing is a major trend. Blogs across internet land promote the artisanal, the handmade, and the lovingly self-crafted. As hilarious Pinterest fails demonstrate, however, not everything can be DIY'd. In fact, in many situations, DIY should not even be attempted. Some examples include DIY...

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Ask Not What Your Website Can Do For You, Ask What You Can Do For Your Website

As a type of virtual, living organism, your website relies on you to keep it well-fed and hydrated with fresh, nutritious content, without which it can't properly do it's job.


6 CONTENT CUES TO CONSIDERA wise philosopher once said, "Ask not what your website can do for you, ask what you can do for your website." Or was it the other way around? Well, actually - both. Your website is the gateway to your online presence, and as such, you rely on it to provide potential clien...

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Is your website wandering in the desert? Here's a simple roadmap back to relevancy

You want your website to reach out to the four corners of the Internet and entice potential clients and collaborators with an assertive and intriguing "hey girl"


Fall is officially here, and with the fast-approaching transition into winter and a new year, people are diving headfirst into finishing (or starting) what they set out to accomplish in 2016. While home improvements and personal improvements top the list with various renovations and resolutions, it'...

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Apple-Jacked: Why Developers Should Pay Attention

Apart from the sheer entertainment value of debates focusing on new and controversial changes in tech, the above is an important issue for developers to pay attention to.


In Apple's September 2016 keynote, set against cathartic, lounge-type instrumentals, Chief Design Officer Jonathan Ives articulately describes iPhone 7's design and materials in his smooth, British accent. Velvety, dark graphics provide visual impact to deliberately-chosen words and phrases, like ev...

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Anti-Hacking Hacks

The perception of the hacker as an antisocial recluse, compulsively coding in a dark basement while surrounded by whirring computer fans is largely outdated.


Hacking has become part of the everyday lexicon. Pinterest overflows with life hacks, gardening hacks, home storage solution hacks, and so on. Let's get back to basics, though, and talk about hacking in its traditional form. When it originated in the 15th century, the late Middle English term "hacki...

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The State of Gaming

Sure, we will still play Candy Crush and all types of run and jump and first person shooter games until the sun burns out but VR is going to change the way people experience and design videogames in the future.


It makes me feel like an employee at Best Buy when I say this, but the future of gaming is happening right now. It may sound cliche but it's true. The future of gaming all comes down to how you like to experience or avoid reality and to what degree. Playing video games has always been about avoiding...

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Are You Still the Master of Your Domain?

By protecting the integrity of your domain name as you would your own name, your online reputation will remain intact.


While Shakespeare expressed his doubts centuries ago when he asked "what's in a name?" those of us who operate online in the 21st century know a name's unequivocal value. The power of a domain name is multifold. It's the gateway to your online presence - the virtual gates that open to your business ...

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Snapchat; Everything You Need To Know

Creativity is one of the most important parts of marketing on any social media platform, but it's integral to marketing on Snapchat. You won't gain many followers, or keep them, if you produce boring snaps or even worse, over share.


Social media is becoming a very important part of society. They're services that allow people to share things on a global platform. You can raise awareness about holidays, catastrophes, social issues, injustices, miracle stories, and political situations. Social media is changing the way news is pre...

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PENALTY : 2 Minutes for Interference

NHL, Rogers and Shaw deserve a call for how they treat their clients.


As spring continues to heat up, the playoffs begin to heat up as well. We've already started witnessing hockey fans jumping boats to cheer for the future Stanley Cup champions, while committed Oilers fans will skulk off muttering about high hopes for retribution next season. 2016 is one of those rar...

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5 Things Every Web Development Client Should Know

A professionally designed and assembled website takes time, effort and testing — and most often a team of trained professionals.


Web development is very much a collaborative endeavour between client and developer. Where the client has invaluable insight into their own brand, company goals, consumer buying patterns and ethos, the developer, however, has insight into the ways of the web. From the permanency of the internet, to ...

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4 Common Web Design Misconceptions

Even with great coding and slick design, the eventual appearance of bugs is unavoidable and inevitable.


As we find ourselves settling into 2016, it's surprising to think that people are still underestimating the importance of a good website. Companies that should be online aren't, and companies with an existing online presence think that merely existing is enough. Both are critical mistakes that could...

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We Know What You Google on Your Smartphone

In the past year alone, Google reports that the amount we search for something 'near me' has doubled.


What were the last things you searched for on your phone? Looking through my own history, it was 'The Wolf of Wall Street cast' (You know when you see someone in a movie and can't place where you've seen them before? So frustrating.), 'removing soap scum from a shower', 'the Brick mattresses', and '...

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5 Clues It's Time to Re-Design Your Website

If your site content rarely changes, chances are neither has your design.


I use the internet for everything - I think that's a true trademark of not only my Millennial generation but of society at large today. Whether it's looking up a phone number (are phonebooks even still in print?), getting directions (literally what is a map), reading product reviews and comparing pr...

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