4 Common Web Design Misconceptions

Even with great coding and slick design, the eventual appearance of bugs is unavoidable and inevitable.


As we find ourselves settling into 2016, it's surprising to think that people are still underestimating the importance of a good website. Companies that should be online aren't, and companies with an existing online presence think that merely existing is enough. Both are critical mistakes that could...

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We Know What You Google on Your Smartphone

In the past year alone, Google reports that the amount we search for something 'near me' has doubled.


What were the last things you searched for on your phone? Looking through my own history, it was 'The Wolf of Wall Street cast' (You know when you see someone in a movie and can't place where you've seen them before? So frustrating.), 'removing soap scum from a shower', 'the Brick mattresses', and '...

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5 Clues It's Time to Re-Design Your Website

If your site content rarely changes, chances are neither has your design.


I use the internet for everything - I think that's a true trademark of not only my Millennial generation but of society at large today. Whether it's looking up a phone number (are phonebooks even still in print?), getting directions (literally what is a map), reading product reviews and comparing pr...

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Apple's 'Night Shift' is Just a Spiffed Up Version of a 9-Year-Old Banned App

In the past few months alone, Google rolled out a blue light filter in their Play Books application and Amazon introduced a similar 'Blue Shade' feature for their Kindle devices.


As a 'long term' iPhone user (we're talking 8+ years), a neglected iOS feature that's been at the top of my wish list since day one has been a nighttime display mode, with decreased blue-light emissions. As someone who uses their phone before bed - a cardinal sin, as any sleep experts will tell you ...

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2015's Top 5 Online Behavioural Trends (And What They Mean for Your Website)

Knowing how viewers are experiencing your content yields great insight into how to better customize it for their satisfaction.


1. 54% of worldwide internet users are browsing from a mobile device We've said it before and we'll say it again - you need a responsive website. As mobile browsing rates grow each year with more and more people browsing from cell phones and tablets, it's better to hop on board before this particul...

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'Female Candidates Preferred' - Vestra Inet and the Benefits of Bad Press

It's unfortunate in that a lot of people visiting the site won't know about the attitudes of the company they may enter into business with.


By now, nearly everyone has heard of Ontario web design firm Vestra Inet's cringe-worthy job posting on LinkedIn for a 'Content Writer/SEO Specialist', that included the now infamous ending line that stated "the position requires filling in the responsibilities of a receptionist, so female candidate...

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App Design and User Onboarding - The Bread and Butter of UX

Upon logging into a new app, you're usually met with some variation of a blank screen that usually (hopefully) includes a message/graphic detailing what will be there, and how to achieve that content creation.


So many processes go into app design, but as with all web-based development it is the more carefully planned details that can make or break user experience upon your app's first use. The process of user onboarding is absolutely crucial in transforming a new user from a tentative first-timer to a ded...

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Should I Delete A Bad Review?

Today, up to 68% of people use online reviews regularly. Of those 68 percent, 93% are likely to make a purchase decision based on the customer feedback they found in the process.


A bad review - whether on Facebook, Yelp, Google or Twitter - can cause a knee-jerk reaction in all business owners: 'I need to get rid of this'. Deleting reviews isn't simple on most platforms, but should you even be doing it at all? When examining industry leaders and opinions from marketing and b...

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The 5 Commandments of Responsive Web Design

Thought not a new practice by any means, responsive design is far more saturated in today's market than ever before.


With the majority of websites (finally) getting on board with the importance of being mobile-friendly, and the majority of those choosing responsive design to achieve it, there is bound to be a fair share of responsive design disasters floating around the web today. Thought not a new practice by any...

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Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Often overlooked, e-mail marketing still presents a huge opportunity for conversions, clicks, and fostering positive and powerful brand image.


How many commercial e-mails do you receive per day? Looking at my own inbox, I'd say I typically get 15-20 every day from businesses that range from David's Tea and Amazon to my former university and an east coast start-up incubator I used to be involved with. I'm sure a lot of people receive plenty...

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Your Business Should Definitely Be On Instagram

With recent surges towards mobile-based interaction (not to mention browsing), it makes sense that Instagram is dominating the social hierarchy.


Instagram is the social platform most of our clients write off first: Facebook? Sure. Twitter? Maybe. Instagram? Definitely not. A lot of it has to do with understanding the platform, whose key demographic and user base consists of a decidedly younger crowd. 53% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram, com...

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The Art of the Call to Action

Customers want to understand why they should choose you as their service provider. However, it is important for you, the company, to bridge the gap for them between gathering information and taking action.


So, you've developed a slick new website for your company. The site showcases your products and services, competitive advantage, and team profile. Your site might seem complete, but without a call-to-action button, you won't be turning those page views into paying customers. What is the call-to-acti...

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Mobile Disaster: How to Avoid Major Missteps

A growing number of mobile devices, including phones and tablets, make accessing online information possible from almost anywhere.


Creating a responsive website is a must in modern web development. It wasn't until recently that the idea of viewing websites on anything other than a computer has been a real consideration. Now, a growing number of mobile devices, including phones and tablets, make accessing online information poss...

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Sorry Apple. The Old Font Was Better

The tech giant tends to bite off more than they can chew with respect to creating their own version of something that didn't need to be replaced.


Helvetica, and more recently Helvetica Neue - an undisputed design favourite and even cultural icon - implemented across Apple platforms since iOS7, is being phased out in favour of Apple's new font-favourite for iOS 9 - San Francisco - and the internet doesn't like it. Following largely snarky revi...

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5 Non-Negotiable Things Your Website Design Needs

The meat of your content needs to be help-based. Present solutions, and let your customers know why they'll work.


A successful website hones in on building the relationship between your organization and your customers - so capturing visitors' information is key to continually market to them and stay in the forefront of their psyche. Even if they're not ready to make a decision that day, creating a relationship ...

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