When Function Trumps Visual Metaphors: Skeuomorphism in Web Design

When skeuomorphism is brought into a web design debate, we're really looking at the difference between functional designs and ‘fancy' designs - we're talking about the usage of visual metaphors.


One of the dirty words floating around the design industry for several years has been skeuomorphism [skyoo-uh-mawrf-ism]. Skeuomorphism (or, skeu) refers to a design principle in which design cues are taken from the physical world. “The term skeuomorph was originally coined in 1889 to refer to...

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Do Not Try to Tell Me Sexism in Tech is Exaggerated

However people want to spin it, and whomever they want to blame, the fact remains: gender discrimination in the tech industry is here, it's horrible, and it's truly a labyrinth to try and correct.


One of media’s most prominent and captivating conversations right now revolves around sexism in the tech industry. Most notably, the attention that Ellen Pao’s (interim CEO at web giant Reddit) case against her former employer Kleiner Perkins - whom she sued for various accounts of gende...

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Are You Botching SEO? Insight into 4 Common Missteps

Oftentimes it's basic details that can slip through the cracks - like keeping your NAP (or, Name, Address, Phone Number listings) up to date - when companies are growing their web presence.


Routes to SEO success are ever-changing and advancing as search engines themselves become more complex. A wrench can be thrown into SEO success by things as simple as changing a location or domain name, duping practitioner listings, or not having heavy enough link-building practices in place. We exp...

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Why You Need to Hire a (Professional) Web Designer

We like the analogy of thinking of your website as an employee: one who works 24/7 to communicate information about your business to hundreds of consumers per day, and knows your company like the back of their hand.


Basic business sense dictates that you should try to find the best quality products and services for the lowest possible price. In web design, however, the lowest cost tends to come with a bevy of unplanned future expenses: think redesign and constant bug fixes due to a shoddy interface and lack of ...

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Is Edmonton Really Open to Innovation? The Case of Uber

“Always listen, show respect, be inclusive” and “Design processes to be adaptable and responsive”. Clearly the municipal parties dealing with Uber didn't get the memo.


The people have spoken, and it's been a resounding public ‘Yes!' in regards to Uber's integration into the Edmonton transit marketplace. So why is it then, that the majority of press relating to Uber is so negative? An ongoing injunction from the City of Edmonton alongside continued complaints from ...

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Paper Tigers: The CRTC, Can-Con, and the Good Netflix

Now that Netflix is slowly starting to become a content creator instead of just a content provider, the CRTC wants to come to Canadians' rescue and demand Netflix start producing some Canadian content for us.


Most of you know this already, but the Internet is a series of tubes. These tubes can take you all over the world. You can send an email to your best friend who is the prince of Nigeria or you can look at photos of your brother’s vacation in Turkey on Facebook and you can shop for Korean energy drin...

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Security for SEO’s Sake

In a competitive industry in which everything helps, the addition of an SSL certificate for the sake of SEO could be enough to encourage many website owners to take the next step.


It is hardly a secret that when it comes to website development, security is of tantamount importance. Not only is it important for your own sake, but it is also crucial for increasing visitor trust. Now, thanks to an algorithm tweak from Google, adding an SSL certificate to your site could actually...

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iHate? 5 Things I don’t know whether I love or hate about Apple’s new iPhones

They are just as much in the business of creating the next big thing that you need to be seen holding in your hand than they are in the business of creating tiny supercomputers that talk to spaceships.


“The new iPhones are here! The new iPhones are here!” is what the Navin Johnson part of my brain was shouting shortly after Apple’s heavily anticipated announcement last week. In it they announced, among other things, that there would be not one but two new iPhones out this fall: T...

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iOS8 vs. Nintendo 3DS: Apples and Oranges

The new iMessage has everything we wanted it to have a year ago. You can now add sound and also video to your conversation at the push of a button. You can also add and remove people (including yourself) from group conversations.


This Fall Apple will release iOS8, probably at the same time that a new iPhone made of adamantium and angel’s teeth is released as well. Apple calls iOS8 the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. It’s going to come with lots of nifty upgrades that will improve the user experience for millio...

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Client Spotlight: ReidBuilt Homes

The goal of designing the ReidBuilt Homes website was to streamline the process as much as possible while also providing clients with all of the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.


We are proud to have helped build the website for ReidBuilt Homes. The website features an entirely new look and feel that is designed to provide users with a superior experience. With a newly implemented graphic user interface, the site is also now much easier for clients to use and navigate. Th...

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Google Plus: Abandoned Social Media Playground or The Internet’s Best Kept Secret

It seems weird to me that for a society that relies so much on Google for so many things that we don't seem to trust it yet to be our one social media home base.


Let me ask you a question: When you need to Google something, what search engine do you use? Is it Google? And when you’re at home checking your Gmail and a friend pops on to Gchat to say hello, is that on Gmail and Gchat? What about when you’re at work and you just remembered that you w...

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation and You: An Idiot’s Clumsy Explanation

Those responsible for the majority of this spam don't care because they're not in Canada. They're in Africa somewhere or Russia or on some barge filled with cheap laptops and wireless routers in the middle of the Atlantic.


Like everyone in this country with an email address you have probably been inundated with numerous very polite emails lately asking your permission to keep sending you (hopefully) very polite emails for the foreseeable future. If the emails you are receiving are anything like the ones I am receiving...

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SEO Experts Unmasked

SEO Experts are popping up all over the place. Chances are, you have probably even received an email or perhaps even a phone call from a self-titled expert claiming they can take your website to the top of Google. How can you spot a potential scam?


The process of searching for a reliable and knowledgeable SEO expert can often feel challenging. As the world of online marketing has grown more competitive, the number of marketing agencies claiming they can help you to achieve a first place position on Google has increased. If you stop to think ab...

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Understanding SEO Terminology - Concepts Important to Success for Your Business

The best option is to partner with an expert SEO company that can provide you with ongoing optimization benefits.


You’re a business owner – what you do best is grow your company. Chances are good that you know very little about SEO (search engine optimization). However, while that’s understandable, it’s not optimal. You need to have more than just a passing acquaintance with search engin...

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Tips for Using Edmonton Web Design Professionals to Build Your Online Brand

An Edmonton web design professional will be able to interview you and identify elements of your company's culture to highlight in your website.


Are you at something of a loss when it comes to ensuring that your online presence reflects your corporate brand? Do you know how to go about making your website, blog and social media presence flow from one to another in a seamless whole? If not, an Edmonton web design professional can help. Of cou...

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