Tips for Choosing an Edmonton Web Design Firm

Before you even contact the first Edmonton web design firm, you must know what you want to get out of your web presence and where you want to go.


These days, if you don’t have a web presence, your business is dead in the water. You don’t have to be an international company to benefit from building an online presence, either. Increasingly, local companies need websites of their own to ensure that their customers can find them amids...

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5 Tips for Business Branding through Website Design

The first and most important tip about using website design for branding via your website is to be consistent.


When you think about branding your business, where does the Internet figure in your plans? How integral is your website to your branding strategy? If you’re like most business owners in Edmonton, it doesn’t play a central role, although it should. In fact, with the right help in the area...

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What You Should Know about Building Mobile Apps in Edmonton

Another important consideration when choosing a mobile app designer in Edmonton is whether or not you get any support after the development of the app.


Mobile applications have become big business – they’re useful for any number of things. They can be free and monetized with ads to bring in a second stream of revenue. They can be free and offer nothing but added value to your customer base. They can come at a cost and offer both utility...

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What Makes a Worthwhile Edmonton Web Development Company?

Who will add products to your online catalog? What about hosting and email? The right Edmonton Web Development company will provide solutions.


If you have yet to create your company’s online web presence, it’s more than about time you did so. Without a website, your company is essentially invisible, even to local customers. More and more consumers are using the Internet to find companies in their area to patronize, and you&rsqu...

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Edmonton Search Engine Optimization - Choosing the Right SEO Partner

You might think that your search engine optimization efforts should center more on your website than on offsite elements, but that's not true.


Search engine optimization has changed and evolved considerably over the years. Once, it was possible to do a great deal on your own. However, it’s become so complex today that you need to partner with an expert to ensure that you’re able to optimize your site (and your entire marketing ...

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Web Application Development - What It Means and What It Means for Your Business

Web application development is capable of creating apps that do virtually anything. They're just as flexible as mobile apps.


Web application development – it’s become a hot topic these days. However, it’s also misunderstood by many business owners, particularly those who operate companies not closely tied to technology. If you’re not exactly sure what that phrase means or how it applies to your com...

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Web Design - Things You Should Know about the Modern Industry

It would be nice if web design firms were all dedicated to ensuring they adhered to modern techniques and trends, but that's not always the case.


The world of web design has changed and evolved considerably over the years. In fact, today’s industry is almost unrecognizable if you were to compare it to that of just a few years ago. It would be nice if web design firms were all dedicated to ensuring they adhered to modern techniques and t...

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Modern Elements in Edmonton Graphic Design

An Edmonton graphic design professional will be able to help you create stunning, evocative sliders that show off your product or service to its best effect.


Website graphic design probably isn’t high up on the list of things you know intimately. Edmonton business owners know their business. They know their customers, their products and their services. Chances are good that you don’t know a lot about design trends or website technology, but t...

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Edmonton SEO - How to Choose the Ideal Expert for Your Online Success

Today, SEO is amazingly complex, and involves multiple processes both on and off your site. Make sure the SEO provider you end up choosing is up to the task.


Optimizing your website (and the rest of your online outlets) isn’t as simple as it once was. Originally, business owners and entrepreneurs were able to handle many of their needs on their own with a little bit of research and some creative implementation. That’s no longer the case today...

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Can an Edmonton Web Designer Further Your Branding and Corporate Identity Goals?

A professional offering website design in Edmonton can ensure that the colors, fonts and design elements used tie in perfectly with your corporate brand.


Branding often comes down to little more than consistency across all outlets. However, for businesses just getting into building a website and venturing into the greater online world, that can be hard to do. Professionals offering website design in Edmonton can help, though. What can web designers d...

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Software Development in Edmonton - Mobile Technology and Your Company’s Success

You should ensure that you're working with an expert in software development in Edmonton who is capable of creating a mobile-specific version of your website.


Software development for Edmonton businesses is a huge concern today, particularly as it relates to mobile technology. That includes mobile apps, certainly, but it also touches on your website. Mobile is the way of the future, and if you’re not on the bandwagon now, you’ll be left behind...

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Edmonton Graphic Design Professionals and Your Company’s Branding

If your business doesn't have the right logo, or your logo simply doesn't convey everything it should, an Edmonton graphic design professional can recreate it.


You’ve heard a lot about “branding” but the subject might not be particularly clear. That’s understandable. There’s a great deal of confusion about it out there, particularly when it comes to branding in the online world. For those who aren’t all that familiar wit...

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Hallmarks of High Quality Web Design Firms - Making an Informed Decision

Some web design companies offer little more than premade templates with a limited amount of customization for their customers.


Edmonton business owners share many things in common with other business owners across Canada, including the need for a website. The days when a company, even a small firm, could be successful without a website are long gone. Today, you need a web presence in order to compete even in your local area...

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Choosing an Edmonton Web Designer for Mobile Design

Your Edmonton web designer should be “agnostic” when it comes to device types.


Mobile – it’s one of the hottest concepts today. In fact, more and more consumers are accessing the World Wide Web not from the desktops or laptops, but from their mobile devices. They’re using smartphones and tablets to go online, shop, interact with others through social media, p...

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Search Engine Optimization in the Modern World

A good search engine optimization expert can explain the best keyword and content strategy for your specific business model.


Building an online presence is vital for any business today. Edmonton, Alberta businesses are no exception. However, enhancing your visibility can be a challenge, particularly if you’re not well versed with modern search engine optimization practices (or familiar with SEO at all, of any variet...

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