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Professional Content Creation

Division One offers content writing services that guarantee rich content and SEO ranked web copies, complimented with attractive pictures and graphics that lure even the most reluctant reader directly towards your landing page and help you generate leads unlike anything else. For the best content writing in Edmonton, contact us today!

Developing and Retaining your Reader Base

Hiring a professional content writer can not only free up more of your time, allowing you to spend that time on other endeavors, but can also help to make your idea, service, or product materialize in the mind of your website visitor. Your target market typically arrives at your website because they are interested in learning more about a particular topic. When they read the quality content on your website, the time you have spent developing that content will pay off significantly in terms of developing a relationship of trust with your readers.

Think for a moment about what happens when you visit a website. Chances are, you definitely care about whether what you read is quality content or just a bunch of junk. Most people today lead busy, hectic lives. They will quickly leave your website if they do not find the information they need or if they feel as though the content presented there is wasting their time. By comparison, when you provide your visitors with quality information about something they are truly interested in, they will stay on your site and even return in the future.

One of the problems that many website owners encounter is that they are busy and simply do not have the time to write high quality, engaging content. The solution can be as simple as hiring a professional content writer. While it might seem as though this would be a costly endeavor, the truth is that a little budget can go a long ways. In fact, a professional writer can take your ideas and convert them into pages of original and engaging content.

Better Design

Filling your website with content also creates a more aesthetically pleasing design. Websites simply look better when they are not barren wastelands. Website designers love to work with more copy because it improves the designs and ultimately the website as a whole.

Improved SEO

Quality, engaging content is also important for the sake of SEO. Search engines have gone through a number of major changes in the last few years. Take Google, for instance. The search engine giant has released an onslaught of changes to their algorithm that have significantly changed the way in which search engine optimization must be approached in order to ensure your website remains competitive. In particular, Google has become keenly focused on rewarding websites that offer informative, original content with higher search engine rankings. Original content is the best way to let a search engine know that your website is legitimate and provides real value to your users. Search engines measure not only the traffic that a website receives but also user engagement on that website. The longer that a user spends on a website reading and clicking around, the more your website will rise in organic search results.

Choosing a Professional Content Writer

Obviously, there are many benefits associated with working with a professional content writer, but how do you know which writer to choose? It can be a big undertaking. As your project contracting company, we will work with you to assist you in selecting the best writer for the job. Remember that not all talent is identical. A number of factors should be taken into consideration in choosing the right writer for the job. For instance, some writers love technical detail while others prefer to create intricate images in the minds of their readers. We will be happy to work with you one-on-one to find a writer who can bring your concepts to life in the written word while boosting your website's search engine results.